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The Program:
What Cats We Accept

Primarily, we accept feral cats from urban situation where they are in danger. A “feral” cat is a “wild” cat….not domesticated. They come in all colors, patterns, and sizes…tabbies, black and whites, all black, all white, etc. This is a “temperament” designation, not a breed. You might even see a Siamese-looking feral.

Barn Cats accepts “feral” cats, not “friendly” cats. Every community has groups that do pet adoptions of friendly cats. Contact your local PetsMart or PETCO to get an adoption schedule. Barn Cats takes the forgotten cats that are often abused by people or harassed by business owners. If trapped and turned over the a local Municipal Animal Control, they will immediately be euthanized. Nobody wants them except Barn Cats, Inc.!

Cats are accepted into the program based on space available. Some exceptions are made if a cat is in imminent danger (apartment residents shooting them, etc.), Barn Cats will take those cats as soon as they are spay/neutered and have a Rabies and FVRCP shot.

Occasionally a humane society or rescue group obtains a feral cat that they cannot place for adoption. Barn Cats will also take those cats based on space available. Once again, they have to be adult cats and have been sterilized with the required shots.

Below are some examples of cats accepted into the program:

  • The family is moving and is unable to move their outside feral cat.
  • Often an elderly person is moving into an assisted living facility and no family member or neighbor will continue to feed the feral cats on their back porch.
  • A family moves in next door that is trapping the cats and taking them to Animal Control to be euthanized.
  • Cats have shown up behind a restaurant and it is a perceived health risk.
  • Workers at a warehouse have provided food for a group of cats for years but now the warehouse is closing.
  • A cat shows up and has a litter of kittens under the back deck of the family home.

Program: Categories
How We Do It

A breakdown of the steps taken to insure each cat is treated humanely and encouraged to stay at their new home.

Cats We Accept

Explanation of the type of cats we accept and why.

Acceptable Barns

A list of what makes a barn acceptable.

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